Our Vision

We seek to inspire purpose through nature in the form of wearable art. We value the relationships that we develop with our supporters and uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

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  • Morgin Riley

    Dread loctician, model, photographer, and sustainable/ slow fashion supporter modeling a Copper Ashes ethically sourced bone and ammonite fossil dreadlock bead.

    Instagram: @Morgin_riley 

  • Stephilee

    Artist, vlogger, wanderer, and youtuber modeling a Copper Ashes original design Lady of the Lake piece-the Sea Animal Whisperer. 

    Instagram: @stephilee

    YouTube: Stephi Lee

  • Manicmoth

    Artist and forest fae from Germany modeling one of Copper Ashes custom ethically sourced cicada necklaces.

    Instagram: @Manicmoth

    Business Instagram: @Vespermoth

  • Flower Friendly

     Flower Friendly: Loctician modeling a Copper Ashes goddess necklace.

    Instagram: @flower.friendly

    Business Instagram: @hippiehospital

    YouTube: Flower Friendly

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